Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SMS sending on Bill Paid

Now you can send SMS on settlement of bills

To activate this service.

Tools > Option > SMS Seting

In the above window you need to insert API key number that you get after purchasing SMS plan from us. After inserting API key tick on "On Bill Paid" and keep your mobile number.
This benefit is very useful to administrator who keep vigil eyes on the every bill made by user in outlet.
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Friday, February 7, 2014

Some minor update from 7-Jul-2013 to 6-Jan-2014

  • New control for user in Editing Purchase and Issue to Kitchen Entry and improve Excel Report - 06-Jan,-2014

    New control for user in Editing Purchase and Issue to Kitchen Entry and improve Excel Report with Kitchen detail
  • Resolve issue in Running Items - 17-Dec,-2013

    1) Resolve issue in running items, 2) Resolve issue in Paper scrolling in KOT
  • Disable/enable Service Tax for specified table - 04-Oct,-2013

    1) Number of copies to print bill.
    2) Disable enable Service Tax for specified table,
    Please follow above steps to active this feature.
    1) Master > Table > Select a name for Table  and tick "Disable Service Tax for this table"

  • Kitchen wise group in Bill printing - 08-Sep,-2013

    Kitchen wise grouping in Bill printing. 
    Please follow above steps to active this feature.

    1) Tick mark check in "Separate bill for each kitchen" Tools > Option > Bill

    2) Master > Kitchen > Select a name for Group A and tick "Disable header in Kitchen"

    Print (n) number of copies of bill.
  • Purchase Qty Summary - 18-Jul,-2013

    Added view and print of Purchase Qty Summary.
  • Happy Hours Discount, Received/Return Amount, Issue to Kitchen Summary - 07-Jul,-2013

    Added Happy Hour Discount, Now Easy to calculate Return Amount, Print time of Bill Generation, Repeat Waiter Name in KOT, Enable/Disable Remark in KOT, Print multiple fields in Payment Slip. Printout of Issue to Kitchen Summary

Monday, April 8, 2013

Customize font and size in Bill Printing

Now, you can select font and size for bill printing.

Tools > Option > Printer

Other changes in this update:
1) Change pattern of Bill Numbering in Yearly Schedule. Now, New bill number will start from April.
2) Resolve bug in Item Name searching.
3) Remove column Tip (If not required) in Sales Report.
4) Fix bug in Item Sales Report.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Speed optimization, Tax including in Item Groups

Now software is more fast (specially KOT/Billing section). You can set a item group for tax including in item price in counter billing.

1) Speed optimization.
2) Calculate price on tax including on item group.
3) Show Number of KOTs and Number of Bills in KOT/Bill Generate form.
4) Show Application folder and database folder.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Increase font size in Bill, Unbilled Kot on top

1). To Print Coupon Option for disable/enable in KOT and Counter Bill.
2). Increase font of Net Amount, Bill No. & changes in format.
3). Feature has been added, Toggle mode is available at top area of list box as "Unbilled on top"