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Highlights Features of Restaurant Billing Software for Windows

By Rishi Acharya - Friday, December 4, 2009 No Comments
Fast Running Items: Display Button of your running items to make bill fast.
Multi Billing on single system: ou can make more than 11 Bills at a time by click on Creat New Bill from Retail Billing Button.
Menu Item's Price are subject to your Table and Room Choice.
Waiter Information in KOT/Bill
Multi Kitchen Counter Billing for Fast Food and Sweet Corner
Bill printing Enable for 40/80 Columns at Wipro TX 40
Multi Tax
Print System Time on Bill (Optional)
Easy to make price list given in your menu.
Easy to operate, even a waiter can do.
Table Reservation - Facilitates you to reserve tables for your customers.
Direct Billing (without KOT)
Bill and KOT Serial Number are availble in Three schedule as daily, monthly and yearly.
Import data of Restaurant Billing Software DOS Version.
Print a message on bill as welcome message, birthday greetings message and other message on demand.
Barcode Enable Billing
Inventory of Raw Material Items
Set you local currency
Hindi or other font selection for KOT Printout
Menu Item and Item Group with Icon
Fast Operating using Hotkeys.
Backend MS Access Database

Q.Is Compu Restaurant billing software works as a touch screen software ?
A.No, Compu Restaurant billing software does not work as touch screen software.
Q. I have a beer bar, can I manage number of pegs from conversion to received bottles ?
A. Yes, This software is design for beer bar also with facility of unit conversion from bottles to pegs.
Q. I have old PC, can I use this software on old PC ?
A. No, you can use only Restaurant billing software DOS Version on old pc.
Q. Can I use a Epson TM-H6000ii, TM-U220 or any other TM Series printer with your program and how do I configure the printer?
A. Yes, you can use Epson TN-H6000ii Printer for parallel port only and there is no required to do anything else. Only you have activate option for autocut of paper, if required.
Q. Can I print greeting message on my bill?
A. Yes, you can print greeting message on bill by setting in Control (Fix-Up).
Q. Can I calculate stock of my raw material?
A. Yes, Software auto calculate of raw material stock with bill.

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