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Sales Analysis Report & About Data File Location

By Rishi Acharya - Thursday, November 11, 2010 No Comments

At that time when you need to view brief sales analysis report of any particular date you can find out this by using View Sales analysis option. This provides you short descriptions of sales in a various mode or category wise. To reach this window you need to select the path View>Sales Analysis. These are being mentioned below;
Let's know all of above options in detail. 

Item Group Wise: 
This window displays sales report according to Item group wise. It means the sales of every particular Item's group will be shown to you along with total amount and quantity.

Division Wise Sales; 
If you want to see sales analysis in division wise this window can avail you such information. Basically it consists name of division, quantity and amount which were sold out in that day.

Kitchen Wise Sales; 
For viewing the sales of any particular day in Kitchen wise this small window would present the relevant detail by showing you name of kitchen, quantity of item and amount.

Machine Wise Sales;
 When you think to find out sales analysis according to machine or counter wise this window keeps such kind of information. In it you find name of machine, no of bill and sale amount of every machine in separate way.

Table Wise Sales; 
Sometimes you may have need to see sales according to table wise this window will provide you such information.

Waiter wise Sales;
To see sales analysis report as per waiter wise this window will bring this kind of information.

If you want to know that how much rupees you have collected from item's tax this window will furnishes such information. 

In order to find out sales analysis on the basis of discount this window will provide you this information but in that case only if you have already mentioned discount reason. 
NB; Before using this at first define date in its column otherwise by default today's date will be there. 

Data File Location

When you download file and want to relocate original file a facility has been added named Restaurant Billing Software For Windows.ini located in installed folder.

Folder=C:\Program Files\Compu Restaurant for Windows


When you open this widow you find two options namely Data & Action. In data you'll find name of database file and name of folder where you have kept original file. If you find to replace data file write exactly name of folder where you want to move the file.

Second one is Action which is directly related to compact repair database. When you last time use compact repair database this will again say you to repair database after seven days by giving you alert message.. 

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