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Easy Booking; Counter Billing

By Pelagian Softwares - Friday, December 24, 2010 5 Comments
Sometimes in your restaurant customer comes for purchasing some items and in such circumstances you have to generate such bills at the time of booking this is commonly known as Counter billing.

This Compu-Restaurant Billing Software for Windows exactly provides you facility for Counter Billing. It is too customized and innovative in use and processing. Apart from this lots of requisite features that are considered essential for counter billing. Let’s see all the features in brief that his option contains;

A tool bar given for direct accessing to the option that you want to get. It means as you click on or press F2 to select the Item option. Just then you will instantly able to select the items for making entries. Like this, more other options have been also brought in its menu e.g.F3- Copy printing Bill, Del-Delete Bill, Page Up-See Previous entries, Page Down-See Next Entries etc. Of course, this option can be used by pressing the button or by clicking options.

It also yields benefit for making entries of combo pack it means sometimes you make special offers to your customers in such circumstances you set some items in a list and make combo pack.

However, when you generate bill you also find out additional features. If you want to give discount to your customer you can give them along with specifying reason of discount. Apart from this you can also define taxes from here and from this window you can make payment easily.

5 Comments " Easy Booking; Counter Billing "