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By Pelagian Softwares - Saturday, December 18, 2010 1 Comment
In the age of science and technology there are number of innovative software are coming out that assist lot in perfect managing of restaurant. To manage restaurant is indeed a challenging task to someone because here circumstances always not remain at similar pace. Sometimes you have to manage in too rushing atmosphere and sometimes you get a cool stage. In such a way you definitely would prefer to choose such software that is itself comprehensive, customized and complete.

owever, you have acknowledgement of so many software relating to restaurant management that has own features and utilities. But in a very recent Pelagian Softwares has introduced distinct software that leads you towards desired destination where you certainly would like to put such system of management that must have equipped with relevant features on a single window e.g. KOT Entry, Counter Billing, Running Items, and Table No. Pending Amount, Table Time, Bill generation, Paid & Unpaid Status of Bill, Gross Amount and Table Transfer.

All such things that are considered relevant and essential have been added in this KOT option. When you go for entries you need to follow a simple process. No need to select table from any other options. As you select the table automatically other table related information would be covered by only pressing Enter Key.

Furthermore, you can also see the status of table from booking time to paid mode. It also provides you facility to know that how long table has been booked. Also a column for checking current amount of table has been given. In it you also get facility of table transfer.

If you want to generate the bill from this option you can easily do so. You only require clicking on table no of which you want to generate the bill. After generating the bill you can also collect payment from this window. For making payment you need to click on at the second table given to the left side of window. All unpaid bill will be also shown in color form to you.

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