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Master menu

By Pelagian Softwares - Wednesday, December 29, 2010 No Comments
Master menu provides you a place whence you define all things required in managing restaurant. In it you prepare a set up as per need of your restaurant. It facilitates you in creating all small or big options which helps you in making entries, generating bill, getting various kinds of reports, etc.

This compu-Restaurant Billing software for windows has several kinds of options that really suit to your restaurant. Let’s see the brief features of Master menu;
Add your menu items for restaurant. In menu items you can fill up complete information like code, name and group of items. If you want browse the image for the items you can do it and also define the charges for such items including description of tax. In addition to this you have facility for bulk updating suppose in future if you intend to make any changes in items you can easily do it by using simply this facility. And if you want to delete certain selected or single items you can even do it.

All the items can be categorized in certain group it depends on you which kinds of groups have been prepared by you. And also you have option to browse the image of such groups if you wish.

At a time of rush you seem always in hurry and want to make entries fast even in the case of those items that are regularly demanded by customers, This types of atmosphere really makes you harried so in this software we have also added the facility for running items. Later when the demand for running items are called on by customer this option really helps you lot by saving time.

Many a times in restaurants plan of combo pack is available. In this software you can also make combo pack for your customers.

In unit master you can define unit of your all items. It means the item is being sold in bottle, cup, glass etc. You can also convert such unit into its secondary unit like pieces, gram, plate etc.

In your restaurant’s database you can also attach some relevant information of your guests. Here you get an option for registering guest’s name, address, phone number, contact person and E-mail Id that may help you in finding out them if any guests create payment complexities. You can also write their birth day and marriage day for wishing them.

Define tax rate by describing tax description.

Obviously, in restaurant you need Kitchen so by using you can prefix your all kitchens.

Make various divisions for items like Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner etc.
Add all tables of your restaurant by defining types of table that means General Table, AC Table, Cabin Table etc.
If you have recruited waiter in restaurant you can also add their name that later helps you in getting sales report waiter wise.

When you are offering discount to your customers definitely you would have certain reason in relation to discount offer. So you can also mention discount’s reason that would help you in further.

Really, by taking ultimate care and giving comprehensive observation we have developed such kinds of excellent software that really assists you lot in managing your hotel in an organized way.

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