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Purchase and Sales Voucher

By Pelagian Softwares - Sunday, December 12, 2010 No Comments

To manage a restaurant you may need to purchase some raw material from various sources and also you require returning back the purchased products due to certain reason. And to manage such things in a systematic way you must have software that provides you such kinds of features.

Keeping such things in the centre our Compu- Restaurant Billing Software for windows supplies almost better handling technique for purchasing and selling the raw materials in a too simpler way. In addition, your favorite wish to see the reports in a click has been also included here.

In our Purchase Voucher you can make entries of all raw materials and other required products also. Here is very simple process is to be needed to make entry fast. Simply select the date and write supplier name in its box and then finally insert the name of items along with quantity, unit, rate and amount. While you fill up quantity, unit and rate you will have only to select these things because they have been previously set in master menu. As much rate and unit you have defined for the items the amount will be charged as that.

Similarly the same process has been adopted for Sales return Voucher. In Sales Return Register you filled information of those items which you have bought but due to some causes you immediately need to return. In such circumstances you can send back items to the supplies by maintaining accurate data.

Apart from making entries for purchase or sales return register in a too convenient way you have also facility to see the previous data by clicking on Page Up or Page Down button. You can also take print out of such details from this window.

Of course, in a single window we have included lots of facility which not only saves your time but also helps you in managing your restaurant in a convenient way. Let’s see in nutshell the complete features of such facilities;

Register all the Purchase Voucher detail of Items

Keep entire information about Sales Return Voucher

Find Printing, Delete Item, Previous Record of Item options in a single window

Select the Items name for making entries of Voucher

Time Saving and Smooth using technique

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