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Released Version 3.6.2

By Rishi Acharya - Wednesday, December 8, 2010 No Comments
Dear User,

We have added new feature in Restaurant Billing Software.
Bulk Updating;
Now one of the easiest processes has been brought in for making any kind of update in group. It means just by selecting name of items you can make change for the items as per your wish

SMS Facility;
Compu-Restaurant billing software brings you also facility for getting SMS on Day End or Re-open Day. It basically helps you in to be updated about the business of your restaurant if you are not making entries yourself. 

Compact Repair Database Alert;
 After every seven days a message will be shown to you for repairing your compact database. It’s too useful message because it keeps your database safe and prevent errors.

Sales Analysis Report;
Sometimes you prefer to see all kinds of sales report on a single window because it guides you in analyzing the whole scenario of sales like Item Group Sales, Kitchen wise sales, Table wise sales, Machine wise sales, Tax, Division wise sales, Waiter wise sales and Discount.

Recall Bill;
In its software you have facility to cancel the bill but apart from this one you have also a facility to recall the cancelled bill. It certainly helps you in such case when you cancel the bill because of certain reasons and later intend to include the bill in reports.

Pending Amount;
While you make KOT entry and this time if you want to be aware about pending amount of all tables, you need to see just below of the tables given to you at the right side of your KOT window.  

Exceptional Report;
If you wish to know that how many times a bill has been reprinted, how many bill has been cancelled and similarly you can also check the status of recall bill.

Cancel bill;
We have also provided the facility for cancel bill. Whenever you need to cancel the bill you can easily do it and further its record will also be available in its database.

Remember log in and time;
When you start the software and you think to save your log in Id in it you can do it easily. In addition to you can see log in time of user in its main interface.  

Coupon for customer;
 In coupon of the customer if you want to print certain desired information relating to items and bill you can do such in an easier way.

Some features brief from previous version.
Room Posting;
This option is given for posting restaurant bill into hotel bill. When your guest comes to stay in hotel but also use restaurant service in such case you can directly post your bill into hotel charge for getting easy payment.

Running Item;
When you face rush in the restaurant and willing to fast entry for running items it means most demandable items of customers in such situation you like to use such software in which by using single click entries to be done. So we have inserted facility for running items in it.

Renumbering of bill;
Many a times you delete the certain bill number from record and  later you require to start the same number of the bill copies or starting renumbering of bills once again. That is why this option has been added.

Importation of data from DOS;
If you want to import saved data of CR DOS into Compu- Restaurant Billing Software this option can be used.  By using this facility you can successfully import all the data of DOS into this innovative software.

Delete Entries;
Sometimes you need to delete entries that you have saved in database. As delete of record is indeed a considerable points so here we have added three ways of deletion your entries. Here you can delete entries date wise, number wise and kitchen wise separately or simultaneously.

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