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Home Delivery Version 3.6.6

By Pelagian Softwares - Monday, June 2, 2014 No Comments
New version 3.6.6 has released. In this version, you will find

Home Delivery
You can make home delivery bill. Once you will enter mobile number of customer, software will show you detail of customer i.e. name and address. If there is no record in database, you can enter name and address in same screen and this can be edit later in Guest Information from Master menu.

Edit (Change) Bill, generated by KOT
This feature is available in Sales Report from view menu. Double click on bill. A screen will come. All KOTs will show related to bill and a format of bill. Change kot item and and press F9 or click on Save button. Software will update KOT and Bill both.

Kitchen Wastage voucher
If any wastage or damage in Kitchen, please use this voucher to adjust your stock quantity.

Others changes.

  • Show average bill sales of sales report.
  • Enable PageUp / PageDown in Menu Item Master and Inventory Item Master to edit fast or check last entered item.
  • Change location of Running item for flexibility and easy scroll.
  • Show Bill Date / Bill No. in KOT Register from view menu.
  • Show selected printer for Bill printing.
  • Show only common features in toolbar.
  • Show Sales Amount in Tax Summary ( A part of Sales Analysis)
  • Checklist:- Show item detail for each KOT before generating bill in KOT/Bill.
  • Change display style of date format.
  • Show Ingredient of item Menu item Master, entered by you in Recipe Master
  • Shows Number of Items used in Division, Group, Kitchen, Tax, Units
  • Decreasing possibilities of corrupt database.


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